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We provide a sandbox environment for testing in a safe environment and a production environment.

The sandbox environment is dedicated for integration purposes. It is the same as production with some limitations (not a full list):

  • No actual payments and trades are made.
  • It is only possible to sign in with MitID test users.
  • Email is only send to whitelisted emails.
  • SMS is only send to whitelisted phone numbers.

Sandbox environment

You will find our sandbox environment at:

MitID Test users

Our system is using MitID sandbox environment and users generated in here can also be used in our system. You can generate users for your tests here.

MobilePay test payments

Test app

In order to complete a payment flow using Vipps MobilePay in the sandbox environment, a test version of the Vipps MT app is available in Apple TestFlight for iOS and in App Center for Android. Read more about the test app here and how to install it.

Once the app is installed, you can use the following test user to complete a payment:

  • Phone number: +45 45894021
  • CPR number: 110921-5841
  • Verification code: 1236

Bank test payments

Symblepay test app

Production environment

When everything works you can find our production environment at: